anthon2 Ms. Anthon
Brusly Elementary School 2nd grade
Welcome to second grade and our class web page!  First, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Ms. Allison Anthon.  I am a first year teacher.  I graduated in May from L.S.U in Elementary Education and I am very excited about being a part of Brusly Elementary. 

You and your parents can check here for news, homework assignments, test dates, and any other valueable information.  This information will be updated, therefore you and your parents should look at this each day.

Students and parents-Please don't hestiate to contact me if a question or problem occurs.  I look forward to meeting you, the parents, at Open House night.  Mark your calendars, it's *****, 2001 at *:**.

Coming soon on this web page-Classroom rules will be posted with rewards and consequences.  Also a schedule of our day at school.

Coming soon home with your child-A letter introducing myself in more details and a note requesting your signature on our class rules, rewards, and consequences.

Thanks for visiting!  Come again soon!  Ms. Anthon
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