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Laplata Freshman Football News By the Freshman Football Team
Rick's Homepage Freshman Football Games Coming up: 9/22/99 Calvert Hall 42 at Laplata 0 9/29/99 Gonzaga 38 at Laplata 8 10/7/99 Westlake at Laplata 4:30 PM 10/14/99 Bye 10/21/99 Laplata at Mcdonough 4:30 PM 10/28/99 Laplata at Westlake 4:30 PM 11/4/99 Lackey at Laplata 4:30 PM Freshman Head Coach: Chris Bittner Freshman assistant coach: Tim Pogar Freshman team manager: Josh Miller Freshman Record: 0-2 Next game: Westlake at Laplata Rick's prediction:Westlake 7 Laplata 16 Last weeks highlights: The first half wasn't a good one for Laplata, Gonzaga scored 4 touchdowns. Clint Smith was very close to having two strait sacks but some how the Quarterback escaped. The second half was very good for the defense. Gonzaga only scored 1 touchdown, and Laplata manged to sneak in a score before the game ended. Wayne Yates ran a sweep from Ricky Etter for six points. Then Clint Smith ran through a huge hole made by Perry Cooper, Andy Suit, and the rest of the line. Laplata tried for an onside kick but unfortunetly recoverd by Gonzaga and the long game came to an end. More after the game at Laplata on Thursday. As I've said before I think Laplata has a good chance. This will be there first chance for them to play as a team. As I said above I predict the score to be Westlake 7 Laplata 16.
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