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Kindergarten News for Month of January

Poetry- ask your child to recite one of the following:
"I Can Choose"
"We Give Thanks"

More rhyming
Match speech to print

Paper Unit- ask us about
recycling and making paper
which kind works best with crayons, pencils, markers
what happens if it's left in water overnight
which is most absorbant

Letters of the Week/ Mystery Readers/ Presenters

*Using picture clues to make predictions
*Identifying beginning, middle & end of stories
*Distinguishing between real and make believe
*Using rhyming patterns to predict & read a story

*Writing and identifying numbers 0-31
*ounting to 31 frontwards and backwards
*Measuring (length, width & capacity)
*Problem solving


* Encourage your students to complete the following each week:

1. Detective work: Letter of the week collage.  Remember, we are attempting to make a book of these by the end of the year, so please return this to school by the end of the week.

2. Use the writing notebook to practice the letter we practiced in school today.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS FORMING THE LETTERS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM!!!! The chicken always crossed form the top of the road.   I do this in school too.  Thank you:)

3. Show & Tell practice- Students should be encouraged to practice Show & Tell before presenting.  Your child should be able to describe the object and tell as much as s/he can.  Children are expected to answer questions posed by the audience in complete sentences.  Ask your child to model what we do in class even if it is not his/ her turn tomorrow.  I'll be working on strong voice, eye contact and answering in complete sentences too.

4. Read every night-Complete monthly reading incentive.  We're reading up a storm and filling the hallway with snowflakes in the process.  If you need more flakes, let me know.


For helping your child to develop good reading habits.

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Have fun and be careful.
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