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Congratulations to all the second and third grade students who submitted a story!  I hope everyone enjoys reading the stories!

Story by Austin H. in second-grade
    I look forward to halloween every year.  I like to dress up in costumes and get a lot of candy.
    On one stormy halloween night, it turned to be a little freaky.
    I went to knock on another door.  A little old worman came to the door.  She looked a little scary.
    I said, sounding scared, "Trick or Treat"  She said, "how about a trick Sonny?"  I am going to turn you into a toad.
    I turned around and ran as fast as I could.
    Now, every halloween night, I stay home and hand out treats.  I guess I am tricaphobic.  No more tricks for me.

Story by Melissa H. in second-grade.
One Halloween night, a little girl went trick-or-treating and she was going to the last house.  She saw two big black cats.  She was so scared she ran to the next house.  Then she saw a very scary pumpkin.  She had pumpkinphobia, she screamed and she ran as fast as she could.  Then when she got home, she told her mom and dad and her broter.  She was happy to be home she never went to that home again.

Story by Paul W. in second-grade.
  I WENT TO SCHOOL. I saw a jack-o-lantern.  I TOT IT WAS A PUTTYCAT! Because I have PUTTYCATPHOBIA I YELLED, "AHHHHHHHHHHH, it is a puttycat!"  I had to leave because I YELLED.  The teacher said you can't yell in school.  So I had to stay out at recess for five minutes.  The End

Story by Emily K. in second-grade.
  Once upon a time, I was walking up the road to a house.  It was very dark outside and it was warm.  I was standing on the front porch, when all of a sudden a bat flew over me and it scared me!  I have batophobia!  I don't like the way they sound or the way they look!
  I went to a friend's house to tell her not to go over to the house with the bat.  I ran home and when I got to the driveway, I stepped on a pile of green goo!  My feet were stuck.  I yelled for help! My mom came and said, "What's the matter?"  As I was trying to step out of the goo, I felt freezing cold hands grab my ankles and pull me further into the goo! I was about to scream, when my alarm clock went off. The freezing cold hands were just my mom's!

Story by Tori S. in second-grade.

One night at twelve-o-clock I woke up.  I turned on my light.  Something unusual was happening there were spiders all over my curtains.  When I saw it made my little heart quiver.  I was really scared!  I have arachophobia.  Then I noticed that they were not doing what normal spider do.  Oh no! They were trick or treating!  I decided to give them each a miney M&M and they happily went away.  The End.

Story by Jimmy K. in second-grade.
Timmy Nelson's First Halloween

  Timmy Nelson was seven years old.  He lived with his family in a yellow house on Elm Street.  Timmy was a very shy boy with many phobias.  He was afraid of so many things that this family teased him and said he had everyaphobia.
  In all of Timmy's seven years, he had never been out for Halloween.  He was too afraid.  This year, his best friend John, begged him to dress up for Halloween.  Finally, Timmy said "yes".  So on Halloween morning, Timmy got dressed in his Halloween costume.  He decided to be his favorite Super Hero, Indestructo Man.
  Soon there was a knock on the door.  Timmy answered it to find a big, black, ugly, and very hairy spider. "AGGHHH!" Timmy yelled, as he slammed the front door shut and ran to hide.  Timmy was afraid of spiders.  He had arachnophobia.  Again came another knock on the door.  Timmy's sister, Sally had to answer the door.
  "Hi! John", Sally said.  John's costume didn't fool her.  "Timmy is hiding someplace scared out of his wits.  Let's go find him!"  Sally said.  Off the two of them went through the house to find Timmy.  After searching high and low, John finally opened one of the closets.  He didn't think Timmy would be hiding there because Timmy was also claustrophobic but underneath the hanging coats, John saw something move.  "Come out of there you big, brave Super Hero!"  John teased.  "Phwef!" Timmy exclaimed, "It's only you, John.  How could you dress up as something so scary, expecially since you know I'm afraid of spiders?"  Timmy asked.  "Well, you're also afraid of closed in spaces and here you are in the closet!"  John answered.  "Oh my, you're right."  Timmy said.  "I guess it's kind of silly to be afraid of so many things."  And at that, Timmy climbed out of the closet, gave his friend a high five and off they went to go Trick or Treating.

Story by Jason P. in second-grade.
The Scariest Halloween Story

    A long time ago, there were three boys that found a haunted house.  They were going to go in but discovered that they all suffered from hauntedhousephobia.
    A couple of days later, when the boys returned to the haunted house, they saw Frankenstein come out of the door.  They hid behind the house and waited until Frankenstein left and they decided to go inside.  Inside the haunted house, there were skeletons.  The boys decided they also suffered from skeletonphobia.  All of a sudden, the door shut and the walls started closing in on them.  As the walls were closing, spikes shot out of the walls.  The boys tried to get out of the room before they were crushed.  One of the boys said, "This must be a secret hide out for Frankenstein!"
    In the hide-out, they found a machine with a lot of controls and they thought that Frankenstein was a robot.  They started searching for buttons that would shut off Frankenstein.  They found a button that said "delete.'  They pushed the delete button and ghosts came out of the walls.  The ghosts turned out to be just shadows of trees.  The delete button really made Frankenstein stronger.  Then they found a monitor that showed where Frankenstein was.
    Frankenstein was by the capitol of the city.  The bolts in his head turned into spikes.  His eyes turned into lasers.  He started shooting the lasers that went through anything.  Everybody was scared.  They had Frankensteinphobia ! The state turned into holes and flames.
    The boys found another button that said "delete Frankenstein."  They pushed that button.  Frankenstein stopped and came back to the haunted house.
    As Frankenstein opened the door, the boys hid.  The boys said, "I think Frankenstein came back to get something."  But, they were wrong!  As soon as he got into the basement Frankenstein's head, arms, and legs popped off.  The robot was destroyed.
    The boys wondered how Frankenstein was created.  Then, out of the computer door, a person came into the basement.  It was the person who created Frankenstein.  He was a robot, too!  One of the boys said, "He's the one who created Frankenstein!"
    They found a piece of Frankenstein's eye.  There was a button inside.  They pushed the button and a laser came out.  It blew up the robot so they got out of the haunted house.  They took the eyeball laser and blew up the haunted house.  Each morning, before school, they went and saw the place where they blew up the haunted house.  The End.    

Story by Kristen in third-grade.

    Once there was a little boy named Sam who had the biggest phobia ever.  He was afraid to feel the wind--windaphobia .  One day his best friend, Tommy, called him to see if he wanted to go on a horseback ride.  Sam said, "No way!"  "Don't you know that I have a phobia, Sam said?  "No," said Tommy.  "What kind of phobia?" said Tommy. "Windaphobia," answered Sam.  "Oh!" exclaimed Tommy.  "Well do you want to come and go play hockey?" said Tommy.   "Do we have to walk to the ice rink?" said Sam.  "My mom can take us," said Tommy.  "Okay," said Sam.  "We will come and pick you up," said Tommy.  "Mommmmmmm....., let's go pick Sam up." said Tommy.  "Okay," Tommy's mother shouted from the laundry room.  Then they picked Sam up.
    Tommy and Sam got to the ice rink.  Sam was always the hockey goalie.  So Tommy shot goals against Sam.  "Goal!" shouted Tommy.  "Hey, look free pizza!" exclaimed Sam.  "Let's go get some," they both said.  "Hey, look it's Ben!" exclaimed Tommy.  "Hey, guys what are you going to be for Halloween?" said Ben.  "I'm going to be a vampire," said Tommy.  "Are you insane?  It's going to be really, really windy." said Sam.  "Sooo," Ben said.  "Ah, he has windaphobia, whispered Tommy.  "Oh, well," said Ben.  "Then I guess you will have to pass out candy," said Ben.  "I guess I will have to do that," Sam said.  "No you won't!" exclaimed Tommy.  "Sam, step outside," said Tommy.  "I gotta get away from the wind!" screamed Sam.  "I am holding you and nothing is happening, " Tommy said.  "You're right!" exclaimed Sam.  "I can go trick-or-treating after all!  Sam said excitedly.  "See ya guys," Ben said. "I'm going trick-or-treating," Sam said to his mother. "Huh," said Sam's mother. "Bye," Sam said.
    It is now nine years later. Sam is now a teenager and he has never been afraid of anything else.   The End.

Story by Danny G. in third-grade.
The Attack of the Killer Bananas

  Once there was a boy named Johnny.  He was afraid of bananas.  He had Bananaphobia.  He thought bananas were going to bite him.
  One night on Halloween, when he was eating his supper he went to the cupboard to get some salt.  A banana in the cupboard jumped out at him.  A lot of other bananas came out too.  The bananas pushed him into a dark closet.  Then all of the bananas started shooting their peels at him.  He slipped on one of the peels and landed on the floor.  The bananas covered up his face.
  The closet door opened and a cabbage, a tomato, and a zucchini were standing there holding a bottle of Fit.  They sprayed the bananas and the bananas tried to run away.  The bananas had Fitaphobia, because they were afraid of getting sprayed.  Other vegetables were standing behind the bananas with forks and knives.  The bananas surrendered and left the boy alone.  No wonder he had Bananaphobia.

Story by Charlotte W. in third-grade.
Danny Faces His Fears

"Hurry up Danny.  Take your shower so you can go to the Halloween party."  "I can't, Mom I have showerphobia."  "Then take a bath."  "O.K. Wait, I just remembered I have hydrophobia and bath tubs are full of water!"  "Well, then just get on your costume and come down her."  "Fine! I'm ready to go Mom."  "O.K. Then hop in the car and I'll take you to the party."  Later on at the party a reptile man came.  "Ahh! I have zoophobia and that man is going to show animals." Danny said.  At that moment a real live vampire came into the house!  He started chasing everyone and the vampire chased Danny right into a closet and he had claustrophobia.  Danny started yelping "Help, I'm in the closet!"  Then the vampire opened the closet door and took off his mask.  It was just one of Danny's friends.

Story by Chad B. in third-grade.
  I have dogphobia which is a fear of dogs.  Everytime  I see a dog I scream as loud as I can.  Dogs truly freak me out.
  I think the freakiest part about dogs is their faces.  With the big teeth they're really truly freaky.
  My mom likes dogs, but I just can't figure out why.  They're so freaky.
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