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U.S. Presidents: Eisenhower to G.W. Bush

To find the central issues and events in the administrations of these U. S. Presidents, use the sources listed below:

Print Resources
The CNS Library has a wide variety of print resources on the Presidents.  Use the OPAC to identify these resources.
Click on the Start button.
Select OPAC.
Type in the name or event you are researching and click on Keyword to identify the resources available on the person or topic.

Ask a librarian if you need help in finding these resources.

Electronic Resources
The Gale Network has two databases offer information on each of the Presidents as well as many articles on the specific events and issues of their administrations.

To access both databases at once, see below:
Open Internet Explorer.
Click on Resources.
Click on the Library Resources link on the left side of the screen.
Click on Gale Network.
Click on Proceed.
Click on the Submit.
Type in the president's name in the subject area.

To access the Gale Network from home:
Go to
Type in ____________

Use the links below to identify issues and events in each of the administrations.
Useful links
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