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Have you ever seen animal bones while walking in the forest? The rest of the animal was gone, but its bones remained. What did the bones look like? Bones are very important to archaeologists because the resist decomposition much longer than other animal tissue. Often, bones are all that remain of animals (including humans) that died long ago.

Each of you will play the role of a reporter researching some very old bones. Then you will perform a newscast.

Choose one of the following articles to read and research. Sign up the sheet on the back chalkboard as soon as you decide. If all the spots are already taken, choose another topic.

You need to find the "Who, What When, Where, Why, and How" in the article you choose. After you've developed your questions, let me look at them to check to see if you've developed a thorough list.

After your research, you will put together your newscast. Before you write your script, think about how you will present your information so that it will be accurate, memorable, and informative. You must have a visual of some kind for your newscast. Consider the following questions as you design your newscast:

    1. Who Are You?
    2. For whom are you reporting?(Network, Newsdepth?)
    3. From where are you reporting? Are you
         in a newsroom or on location?
    4. How will you communicate your location?
    5. How will you get and keep the audience's attention?
         Will you begin with a question, an amazing fact
         or something else?
    6. How will you sign off? Will you end with a question?

Have a great time with this assignment! You will learn a lot about prehistoric animals and man and become a star reporter in the process!
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