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I can't believe it.  The President of Democ is sending the national army to Catalan in one week.  The country is on the verge of revolution!  The situation wasn't nearly as serious when you become governor of the province of Catalan.  Relations between Catalan and the rest of the nation were strained, and had been for years, but we were still a single nation, a single people.  I never expected that things would get this bad.

As you know, rebels in your province have called for a violent revolution.  They want to break away from the national government of Democ and make Catalan an indpendent nation.  They feel they no longer have much in common with the rest of the country and would be better off on their own.  I don't understand it.  The new taxes that they object to have been imposed on everyone in Democ, not just Catalan.  Although these taxes are to raise money for a special defense project which would build a protective barrier around onlythe western provinces of Democ - which doesn't include Catalan - still the whole nation will benefit.

Many people in Catalan realize this and do not want to revolt.  The merchants, for instance, do not like the tax, but they want to remain loyal to Democ.  They have strong economic and emotional ties with the rest of the country.  They make their livings by trading with the western provinces.  Some also have family and friends in the West.

The President is understandly enraged by the rebels' call for revolution.  After all, Democan tax money was used to settle Catalan.  Tax dollars were used to build roads to the new province and to provide protection for the settlers.  The people in the west didn't turn their backs on Catalan.

You've got to find a way to unite the people again, both within the province and across the nation.  And you've got to act fact.  The President is sending national forces to the province in one week to do whatever is necessary to resolve the situation.  As governor of Catalan you must deal with this explosive situation.

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