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Now that your group has throroughly explored the concepts of revolution, you will look at the American Revolution.  The purpose of the game is to travel from Boston to Washington, D.C. via Philadelphia, Trenton, Saratoga, and Yorktown.  To travel to each destination, you will need to answer questions related to the American Revolution.  To help you find the answers, you can use the American Revolution Chronciles and Perspectives (addresses listed below).

During the course of the game, your team will need to take copious notes - since you might need this information later in our unit.

Some of the topics included in this game are:

1.  Causes of the American Revolution
2.  Roles of American Colonists
3.  Literature of the time
4.  The Role of Slavery during the American Revolution
5.  British Sympathsizers
6.  Battles
7.  Women
8.  Roles of Europeans
9.  Outcomes

Good Luck!
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