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The American Revolution

Task One:  Review Vocabulary and Concepts

Within your assigned groups, you must learn the 56 vocabulary words and concepts associated with this unit.  You will be using these words through out the unit.  You can use a variety of means to complete this task, including the online games and activities (listed below), the print material (including flip chutes), or other means.  You want to make sure that everyone in your group learns the vocabulary and concepts because - even though you will all take an individual quiz - your group can receive extra points (improvement points) based on everyone's scores.

Task Two:  Revolutions Around The World

Your group will explore four revolutions:  Chinese, Russian, French, and South American.  The focus here will be to answer five general questions that will assist in understanding the American Revolution. Each group member will be responsible for researching one revolution and then sharing the information with the group.

Task Three:  The Road to Revolution

Your group will participate in this online activity in which you will travel to great cities during the American Revolution and learn about people, events, battles, that were significant to the American Revolution.

Task Four:  Decisions, Decisions: Revolutionary Wars

Your group will complete this simulation based on the American Revolution.  While completing the simulation, you will review primary and secondary sources related to the American Revolution.

Task Five:  Final Project

Your group will answer the question - WHAT IS A REVOLUTION?  The presentation will be based on the all the knowledge that was gained from this unit.  The final project can be created in any media.

Good Luck.
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