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Determing Your Goals

Before you begin considering what course of action to follow, take some time to think about what you hope to accomplish.  In your position as governor of Catalan, you have four goals which are listed below.  Which of the goals is the most important to you?  Which is the least important?  Think about the goals and then rank them in order form most to least important.  How well you do in this simulation depends on how well you achieve your priorities.

A.  Maintain peace. Avoid bloodshed.

Avoiding violence as revolution looms ahead will be very difficult.  How can you keep the peach while the rebels are promoting a violent rebellion and the President is sending the national army?  If you can't negotiate a settlement, you may have to use strong action to keep the situation from getting out of hand.

B.  Help the rebels with their cause.

The rebels want independence.  Helping them obtain it may mean sacrificing some of your other goals.  The President will probably not give up control of Catalan without a fight.  In addition, if you give your support to the rebels, how will the merchants react?  This goal means uniting the people of the province in support of the rebel cause.  Do you think you can?  It certainly won't be easy.

C.  Keep a position of power.

You are currently the governor of a large province.  After a revolution, who knows what position you might have?  To achieve this goal, you don't have to remain a governor.  If you emerged as the leader of a strong rebel movement, for instance, you would certainly be in a position of power.  Be careful.  Being a leader of the losing side won't leave you with much power, if you have any at all.

D.  Unite the people of the province.

The rebels want a revolution; the merchants don't.  Can you bring the two sides together?  Do they share any common beliefs, fears, or hatreds?  You will have to act wisely and skillfully to achieve this goal.

Once you goals are entered, begin the simualtion.
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