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Your Summary:

I'm not too surprised at what's happening.  The rebels in Catalan have called for a violent revolution, and they may very well get it.  The President of Democ is sending the national army to Catalan in one week.  When they arrive the sparks will really fly unless you can do something fast.

The situation wasn't nearly this serious when you became governor of the province of Catalan.  Relations between Catalan and the rest of the nation have been strained for years.  BUt you probably never expected that things would get this bad.

Now the rebels want to break away form the national government of Democ and make Catalan an independent nation.  They feel they no longer have much in common with the rest of the country and would be better off on their own.  In particular, they object to the new taxes which have been imposed on everyone in Democ.  These taxes are to raise money for a special defense project which would build a protective barrier around the western provinces of Democ - not including Catalan.  The rebels are angry about having to pay taxes for something that they feel doesn't benefit Catalan at all.  They may be right.

The rebels, however, don't speak for everyone in Catalan.  THe merchants, for instance, do not like the tax, but they want to remain loyal to Democ.  They have strong economic and emotional ties to the rest of the country.  They make their living by trading with the western provinces.  Some also have family and friends in the West.

Despite these ties, though, Catalan and Democ have drifted apart.  With all this tension, it's hard to remember that Democan tax money was used to settle Catalan.  Tax dollars were used to build roads to the new province and to provide protection for the settlers.  But that's all in the past.  Now you have a people crying for independence.  Why shouldn't they have it?

Clearly, the President of Democ is opposed to Catalan's independence.  She is sending national forces to the province in one week to do whatever is necessary to resolve the situation.  As governor of Catalan, you are in a postion to take strong action.  People should have a right to choose the government they want.  You can help give the rebels that  right.

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