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Revolutions Around the World

FOr this task, you will be research a revolution, write a short chapter for the book, and produce a comparision chart which details similiarities between this revolutin and the American Revolution.

You will be looking at the Chinese Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the French Revolution, and the South American Wars of Indpedence.  

First - each group member will decide which of the four revolutions he/she will review.

Second - each group member will review the five questions used to research the revolution.

Third - each group member will go to the appropriate web sites listed below and/or print material to find the answers to his/her questions.

Fourth - each group member will answer the following questions:
1.  what were the main causes of the revolution?
2.  What wree the main arguments for and against revolution?
3.  What groups were involved and what were the beliefs of each group?
4.  What methods of change were tried before the revolution took place?
5.  What were the results of the revolution?  What happened to the winners and losers?

Fifth - Once all the research is complete, the members will return and share the information with other group members.

Sixth - Each member will produce a 5 - 10 page chapter and a one page comparision chart.

Good Luck!
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