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Welcome to Decisions, Decisions: Revolutionary Wars!  You and your classmates will all be role-playing the same character:  the governor of Catalan.  To help you make decisions, you have four advisors, represented by the Advisor Briefing Books and the Advisor Pages (listed below).  You are responsible for shaing the information in the Briefing book and your chosen web sites with your teammates.  Each group member will have a Decision Log to record individual decisions and one group Decision Log to record final decisions and consequences.  The outline below will guide you through the decision-making process:

Analyze the Situation
1.  Watch the introduction on the computer simulation.  (A summary of this information can be found on the Summary site listed below.)

2.  Read "The Situation" in your books or view the Summary web page.

3.  Read the Letter from Your Advisor (page 8 in books) and the Summary on (pages 10 and 11 or on the Advisor's web page).

Determine Your Goals
1.  Read pages 11-12 (or view the Goal web site) and then prioritize your goals (first as individual, then as a group - groups will need to come to consensus or use a majority vote).

2. Enter your goals into the computer simulation and get ready to make your decisions.

Consider Your Options
1.  The computer simulation will give you a keyword that mtches one in your briefing book or one on your Advisor's web site.

2.  Read the briefing and view the web sites listed.  Share the information with your group.  

Make A Decision
1.  Discuss your options with your group.  When ready, enter your decision into the computer simulation with a written explanation.

Examine the Consequences
1.  The computer simulation will display the consequences of each decision and direct you back to the briefing book for more informaiton.

Go to the Summary web site first.  Then review the Goal web site.  When you are ready to start you can view your Adivor's web site.

Good Luck!
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