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The Situation

Rebels in the province of Catalan are calling for independence from Democ.

They complain of unfair taxes and unfair treatment by the national government.

Not everyone supports the rebellion in Catalan.  Many merchants feel strong ties to the mother country.

The President of Democ also rejects the revolution.

As governor of the province of Catalan, you are under the gun?

Which side will you support?

Cast of Characters and Places

Democ - a large nation made up of several provinces in the West and one large province in the East.

Catalan - the recently settled eastern province of Democ.  Catalan is separated from the heavily populated western provinces by a vast, open frontier.  Catalan is rich in natural resources.

You - the governor of the province of Catalan in the country of Democ.  You have a militia at your disposal.

The President - the elected head of Democ.  She rules the country with a parliament, which makes laws.  The parliament consists of representatives from each province, and it is dominated by the western province.

The rebels - people in Catalan who want to revolt against Democ and make Catalan an independent nation.

The merchants - people in Catalan who don't want to revolt against Democ.   They have strong economic and emotional ties to the rest of the country.

Your Advisors:

Carmen DeSouza - Ms. DeSouza, your Chief of Staff, provides historical insight into the issues you must face.

Charles Zale - Because of the separation between Catalan and the rest of the nation, Mr. Zale was sent to the province as a special Ambassador from Democ.

Clive Chaplain - A trusted advisor, Mr. Chaplain has been appointed a special liaison to the rebels to understand and report on their actions.

Natalie Barber - As special liaison to the merchants, Ms. Barber reports to you about the feelings and viewpoints of this group.

Now read your Advior's summary (on pages 9 & 10) or view the Adivor's web page.

When you have finished, review the Goals web site.

Good Luck.
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