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Congratulations 5th graders!  You guys did a fantastic job on your geography test this week.  As we begin a new week, we will continue to study the five themes of geography.  We have 4 left to cover:  place, movement, interaction, and regions.  We will cover each topic individually during the week of September 18-22.

I have added new games for you to play at home.  These geography games are a great way to review the skills and topics we are discussing in class.

Homework for September 18-22

Monday, September 18th
Prepare an itinerary for a 7 day trip to any place in the United States.  Include what items need to be packed for this trip.  I will give you a form to put this information on.

Tuesday, September 19th
Study geography terms and states and capitals.

Wednesday, September 20th
Study geography terms and states and capitals

Thursday, September 21st
No homework!!

Friday, September 22nd
Label states & capitals of Western US.  I will give you a map in class on Friday.

The 5th grade states & capitals spelling test is Wednesday, September 20.

The 5th grade states & capitals map test is Thursday, September 21.
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