artfound Ms. Scott
New Richmond Ex. Village Schools Art Foundations Instructor
OBJECTIVE:  To gain an understanding and usage of the
           vocabulary of design.

           To utilize the elements of art and principles
           of design.

           To increase fluency, flexibility, elaboration,
           and originality in art-making.

ASSIGNMENTS:  1.  Repetition Design-Random Order
             2.  Repetition Design-Rows
             3.  Rhythm Design
             4.  Emphasis Design
             5.  Interchange Design
             6.  Exploration of Drawing
             7.  Foundational Color Theory
             8.  Art History
             9.  Aesthetics
            10.  Art Criticism

TESTS:       At least 1 test per quarter.
            Supplemental quizzes as needed.

GRADING:     See attached rubric.
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