This item defines COLA and how it is applied to the certificated salary schedule.  Also covered are bilingual stipends, Schedule 'C' stipends, and comp day accrual procedures.

SUSD provides teachers with a "Defined Benefits" package wherein the district agrees to pay 100% of the premiums for a health insurance policy through either Central Valley Trust or Kaiser. 

The fully-paid Blue Cross Plan is CVT's "Universal 100 Plan" with a $100/$300 major medical deductible; $10 office visit co-pay; $10 generic/$25 brand name Rx co-pays; Delta Dental with $1,500 annual maximum; Vision Service Plan 'C', w/$10 co-pay and frames every two years.

SUSD extends health insurance coverage to the domestic partners of certificated employees, as that term is defined by CVT in their Participation Agreement.

SUSD and SUTA will collaborate in a committee to assist the parties in finding ways to control the cost of health and welfare benefits.

Other items covered are benefits procedures for employees not working full-time, on military leave, or leave of absence.  District policy regarding other benefits such as STRS, Worker's Comp, accumulated sick leave, and Medicare are also covered.
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