Article XXIII - Personnel Files
This article explains what goes into an employees personnel file, who can look at it, and the employees rights to respond to items in the personnel file and have those responses incorporated into the file.  Items which may be exempt from review are also described.  Begins on page 86.

Article XXIV - Personal Freedom
"This District, Superintendent, or a member of the management team shall not inquire into, or predicate any adverse action upon a certificated employee's personal, political and organizational activities or preferences, provided these activities are not practiced on school time.

Article XXV - Early Retirement
Self-explanatory, begins on page 89.

Article XXVI - Division Chairs
The procedures for selecting, and the responsibilities of Division Chairs are covered here beginning on page 93.

Article XXVII - Consultation
Textbook adoption, meetings with the Superintendent, SCPR/DCPR are covered on page 95.

Article XXVIII - Policy Development/Review
Something about Board Policy #1.25, page 96.

Article XXIX - Support of Agreement
SUTA agrees to support the contract for its term.

Article XXX - Completion of Meet and Negotiation, Article XXXI - Reopening of Negotiations, and
Article XXXII - Term of Agreement

No re-openers without mutual agreement up to an including June 30, 2006.

Thus concludes our journey through the contract, please keep your hands and feet inside until the vehicle comes to a complete stop.  Thanks for coming.
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