Oh boy, this is a long one....  Remember, this is just a guide, a starting point -- it is not a substitute for the real thing -- know your contract!!

Full time members get 10 days per year, the unused portions of which accrue from year to year.  The District notifies members of their accumulated leave each year before October 31.  Details for requesting substitutes are also included.  There are additional procedures for extended illnesses, pregnancy disability, child-bearing preparation, child rearing, and industrial accident leave.

Bereavement leave is a maximum of 3 days leave of absence (or 5 if traveling over 300 miles one-way).  Bereavement leave is for the death of any member of the members immediate family which is defined as "mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparent, spouse, mother-, father-, brother-, son-, daughter-, sister-in-law, grandchild, forster children, stepparent, stepchildren, niece, nephew, or any person living in the immediate household of the employee, or any person who has served as a foster parent or legal guardian to the employee or his/her spouse of persons who have acted in lieu of parents of children." (pgs. 30-31)

"Accumulated sick leave, not to exceed 7 days per school year, may be used by the unit member in cases of personal necessity." (pg. 31)

What is personal necessity?

1.  Bereavement (such as defined above).  Under this provision you could take an additional 7 days for bereavement purposes (added to the 3 or 5 from the previous item) for a total of 10-12 days bereavement. 

2.  Serious illness or accident involving you, your property, or the person/property of a family member -- such as the illness of a child.

3.  Immediate danger to home - not to exceed one day per year for each incident.

4.  Appearance in court as litigant, party, or witness.

5.  Adoption processing not to exceed 3 days per year.

6.  Doctor/dental appointments which cannot be scheduled outside workday.

7.  Attendance at the high school or college graduation of the unit members child or children not to exceed one day per year.

8.  Circumstances which require member presence to avert immediate financial loss.

9.  Attendance at the funeral of an employee, former employee, or student of the District, or attendace at a funeral in which the unit member is a pallbearer. here come the tricky ones...

10.  Other matters of a personal or business nature which the unit member cannot accomplish at another time, not to exceed one (1) day per year.(pg. 33)  THIS IS NOT YOUR "NO QUESTIONS ASKED DAY"...technically....

11.  Matters of a personal nature not to exceed three (3) days per year.  Such leave for personal business shall require no explanation, but must be submitted to the Superintendent or designess at least 24 hours in advance, except in cases of emergency, on the written request form.  Such leave shall not be used for: recreational purposes, extension of holiday recesses, any concerted action activities, first or last day of school, pre-service days, designated in-service days.(pg. 33)  This IS your "NQA" day

Now, under #11 you have 3 NQA days for which you have to give 24 hours written notice (except in cases of emergency) and abide by the various restrictions.  Under #10 however, there is no prior notice required (other than calling by the agreed to substitute time) and no limitations on when it can be used. 

Limitations on Personal Necessity
In most cases you must submit a leave request report to your immediate supervisor at least 3 working days in advance of your absence. 
#1,2,3,10 - no prior approval for emergencies arising under these articles (7.D, pg. 33)
#11 - 24 hours prior advance notice, except in case of emergency (7.B. #11, pg. 33)

"Under all circumstances a unit member shall verify in writing the personal necessity leave was used for purposes as set forth in Section B, above.  A unit member will be subject to appropriate discipline if the leave was used for purposes other than stipulated." (pg. 34, E)

In completing the absence verification form, under reason for absence, we suggest using the actual contract language which is relevant to your absence -- which is why this is one section of your contract that you should bookmark and be familiar with.  Some examples:

You were sick
Reason for absence:  Sick Leave, 1.A

Your kid was sick
Reason for absence:  Personal Necessity, 7.B.2

Private reasons
Reason for absence:  Personal matters, 7.B.10

You took an NQA day
Reason for absence:  Personal, 7.B.11

The leaves article is rounded out by details for Jury Duty, Legislative Leave, In-Service Leave (School Business), Adoption Leave, Leaves of Absences (and assignments thereafter), and Military Leave.
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