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Jeanette Hayes Elementary

Things are humming this time of year in the music department.  The third grade students, teachers, and parents are busily preparing for their upcoming performance of, "Get in the Game."  Don't miss this exciting "alternative sports" musical on November 11th at 7:00 p.m.  Way to go, third grade!!!

The 5th grade 'Soaring Singers' will be singing for the opening of the Katy Mills Mall on November 5th at 12:30 p.m.  They have an awesome sound!  Why not take a day off to "Shop 'til you drop" and drop by to hear us sing!  We will also be traveling to Memorial City Mall and Chase Bank in December.  Don't miss this group! 

Did you know that your student practices TAAS skills in music class?  When a student marches to the steady beat, he has mastered a TAAS skill for math.  Even our 1st graders accomplish this skill.  Put on a CD at home and ask your student to show you the steady beat.  When a student discovers the pattern (AB, ABA, etc.) to a piece of music, he has mastered a TAAS skill for math.  And in music class, learning and mastering TAAS skills is FUN !!!!

T  A  A  S
(The Arts Apply Skill!!!)



Students at Hayes Elementary are enjoying monthly presentations by local artists.  More artists and parent volunteers are continually needed to enrich this program. 
Also featured monthly is a famous 'Artist of the Month'. 
The 'Artist of the Month' schedule is as follows:
October:  Marc Chagall
November: Vincent Van gogh
December: Rembrandt
January:  Pablo Picasso
February: Georgia O'Keefe
March:    Diego Rivera
April:    Roy Lichtenstein
Students will be completing artwork for the 'Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Art Show' until January.  Classes are working in a variety of media.  Fourth and fifth graders are painting with acrylic paints, mixing their own colors, and creating beautiful landscapes on tarpaper.  Third and second graders are creating western monoprints.  First graders are making cute clowns with oil pastels.
TRASH TO TREASURES ... send craft supplies, magazines, old calendars, egg cartons, microwave meal tray, and any other creative recyclables. 
Your children are wonderful!
Ms. Valerie O'Leary & Mrs. Teri Brewer, Art Teachers
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