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  Elementary Art Teacher
Welcome to the Fun and Games section of our Artsmart Web site. ┬áThe games on these sites will challenge  you with art vocabulary, concepts, artist and ideas that are related to what we are learning in art class. 
This month the focus is mainly on Linear Perspective and how artist can create an illusion of reality on a flat surface such as a painting. For most of the sites you can just click on the "back" button in the menu above to return to this page. 
If you loose this game page site just type in  the URL in the location bar at the top of this page. (jot it down on a scrape piece of paper; just in case).

Win a game and earn an extra sticker toward game day.

Challenge each other and the winner can choose the extra activites on the next game day!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Creating an Illusion of Reality
Play hangman with perspecitve vocabulary
Useful links
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