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Journalism WEBQUEST
To begin, open a Microsoft Word document and copy these questions, or print this page so that you can save your answers, or write them on this piece of paper.  Answer each question with a complete sentence.
You may use a search engine such as Yahooligans, Infoseek, Askjeeves, or Searchopolis to help you find the answers to these questions.  Make sure to read each question carefully and look for good key words to begin the search.  Be aware that there may be more exciting information than you need, but you may write down the source and go back to it later.

             Writing Captivating Captions

1. Search out the meaning of the word caption, and tell
what role it plays in journalism such as in a newspaper, magazine, or the Internet news.

2.  Investigate magazines and newspapers in your home or in the school library to identify well-written captions. Also identify a poorly written caption.

3. Continue to read a few other captions and think about captions under certain pictures in news articles. When you are ready, create a slide show on Power Point to teach an effective lesson on how to write a "captivating
caption". Create step by step, easy to follow instructions.

4. Have you ever heard Dave Letterman, or another comedian tease about poorly written captions?  Sometimes writers do not really think about what they are writing, so they make mistakes.  Such as, "The child fell out of the tree and misplaced his arm." or, "The father warned a million times not to exagerate." For some real fun, compare and contrast a weak caption with a well-written caption and explain how they are similar, but how they differ.  What is the result, or effect of each caption?

5. Choose an interesting, or thought provoking picture from a magazine.  Cut it out, and cut away the caption.  Now make up a creative caption that might really catch the reader's attention.  Your invented caption does not have to be true, but it does need to be legal and decent.  Why is that important in journalism?

6.  Explain the process for writing an effective caption.
Be sure to include all the necessary steps.
Predict what would happen if you left out a certain step.

7.  Imagine you are living in the future.  What form might communcation take, and how might captions be useful?
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