ashburn5c Miss Nameth
Ashburn Elementary fifth-grade teacher
Subject updates:April 24
Hello again. My internet service has been unavailable for the past few weeks due to the purchase of a new computer and plans to go with another internet provider.

Important Events:

April 24: Report Cards were sent home. Please sign and return the bottom of the comment page, along with the report card envelope on Wednesday or as soon as possible.

Tests Scheduled:

Friday, April 27:
Math test on Area, perimeter, and circumference
Social Studies test on Chapter 12, the Revolutionary War.

Tuesday, May 1
Science test on The Changing Earth.

Projects, and assignments:
Thursday, April 26
A persuasive essay is due for reading.
My Quia activities and quizzes
The Thirteen Colonies
The 13 English colonies of North America
Oceans Jeopardy Game
Science test review on Oceans
The Thirteen Colonies
Social Studies review game on the Colonial regions
Heat and Matter
Another review game for Science chapter 6
Oceans Jeopardy Game
Useful links
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