askewhmwk2 Mrs. Askew
Carver Elementary Second Grade Teacher
Mrs. Askew's Homework Page for the week of January 14 - 18, 2002.

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Monday: Read a good book on all free homework days.

Tuesday: Spelling Book Unit 17 page 106. Write the sentences and underline the answers. Get this signed.

Wednesday: English pages 173 - 174 on notebook paper. Write the sentences. Study pages 171 - 172 for a test.

Thursday: Students will study for their Spelling test. Refer to your resources including the Vocabulary Word Search, the Spelling book, and the sites below.Study the codes on pages 1-6 in your Decoding Wordbook. You will be tested on  these.

Spelling Unit 17: Students will be tested on the 20 words from pages 104 - 109 in their spelling book. The dictation sentences are numbers 1 - 5 on page 104.

*Turn in the homework sheet (signed) on Friday

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