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Carver Elementary Second Grade Teacher
Dear Parents,
     Welcome to Carver Elementary Arts Magnet School. My name is Mrs. Nancy G. Askew; I will be your child's second grade teacher this year in room 118. This will be my twelfth year teaching second grade at Carver Elementary. I look forward to a very productive and successful school term with you and your child.
     I created this particular web page to inform you of the policies and standards in our second grade classroom. It will always be available for you right over the Internet. I hope posting information this way will increase our communication and help the year run very smoothly. Please print and read over the information with your child to make sure he or she understands everything. If you have any questions, just click on the blue E-Mail button above and ask.

THE SUPPLY LIST - Here are the supplies your child will need for class:
  Pencils (send 2 each day)
  16 - 24 Crayons (new crayons each nine weeks)
  Glue sticks
  Notebook paper (wide ruled, not college ruled)
  3 Folders with brads and pockets (any color)
   A composition notebook (black and white - Wal Mart)
  A sharp pencil sharpener (a new one each month)
   1 Roll of paper towels, (and another around Thanksgiving)
  1 Pkg. Facial Tissue (and maybe one later)
  1 Pkg. Ziplock bags  (the big ones)
  2 Antibacterial Wipes (Wet Ones)- Very important
     for killing germs on desks and hands.

    The paper towels, tissue and soap usually run out around Thanksgiving. I will send a letter to let you know if more supplies are needed. Please check each weekend to make sure your child has everything needed for school. Second graders go through a lot of pencils, crayons, and paper.

       At the beginning of each year there are millions of forms for parents and teachers to fill out for the office and downtown. I hope to send these papers to you before the opening of school so that you will not be rushed to fill them out. Sometimes the office runs out of forms and they have to be sent at a later date. When a student returns all of these forms, textbooks will be issued to that student and he or she will be allowed access to the computers and Internet service in the classroom and computer lab. Forms of special concern are:

1. Registration Card - Please include the Social Security #.
2. Home Language Survey
3. Textbook Form - Should be signed by parent and student.
4. Internet Form - All unsafe material has been blocked.
5. Code of Conduct - Should be signed by student and parent.
6. Teacher/Parent/Student Compact
7. Volunteer Form

Parents are welcome to observe at any time. However, please remember that you must go by the office and sign in to receive a guest pass. This schoolwide policy is for the safety and security of our students.
Also, if you are going to help drive on a field trip, please sign in at the office before coming to the classroom. Volunteer hours are logged, and this documentation is important as we report to several agencies.
Parents are also welcome to lunch with us. If there will be more than two guests, please let me know ahead of time so I can inform the cafeteria.

Parental support is an important part of the second grade program; however, I know most parents work and are not able to get away often. If you are able to give  some time, I would love your help in any of the following:

-making copies of papers
-help plan the Christmas and Valentines Day parties
-driving students and helping to supervise on field trips
-helping on special learning days
-speaking to the class about your area of expertise
-helping to arrange for speakers to visit our class
and share in their areas of expertise
-plan an art project with the students
-read your favorite book to the class
-anything you would love to share

If you feel that you want to help in any of these areas you may fill out the Parent Volunteer form  or just contact me about this matter.

Grading Scale:
91 - 100 = A
82 - 90  = B
73 - 81  = C
64 - 72  = D
0  - 63  = F

Grading Weights for each subject:
Reading =  25% Oral Grade
          25% Tests
          50% Daily Grades

Math =  50% Daily Grades
       50% Test Grades

Language Arts = 33.3% Language Daily Grades
               33.3% Language Test Grades
               33.4% Spelling Test Grades

Science, Social Studies, P.E., and Handwriting will be given letter grades as follows:
G - Good     S - Satisfactory     H - Needs Improvement

The arts teachers will give you information about how grades are given for each Magnet Arts subject.

HOMEWORK: (Some of this may change due to The Alabama Reading Initiative techniques. Carver is a new site for this wonderful reading philosophy which encompasses phonics as well as the Whole Language approach to teaching reading.)
       Homework is very important in second grade but it should not keep the entire household up all night.  I try to make the homework fun for the students as well as enriching. Please work with your child on his or her homework as needed. Assignments will be posted over the internet through every Monday. If your child does not have Internet access at home I will print the sheet at school. The weekly homework page will also inform you of the Spelling and Reading Vocabulary words for the week and lead your child to educational games for study and practice. It is extremely important to read and print the homework page each Monday.
     Each homework assignment is due the morning after it was assigned. If there was a problem with your schedule and the homework could not be completed on time, it may be turned in by Friday. You can always E-Mail me and explain your situation if you feel it is necessary.
     One point is given for each completed homework assignment.I will give an extra point each Friday if the weekly homework post was printed and signed by a parent. This will show me that you have seen the homework assignments for that week. Students who complete 85% of their homework for the nine weeks period will be rewarded with a homework party and loads of extra knowledge.
STUDENT PROGRESS - Graded papers, subject averages, and conduct grades will be sent home every three weeks in a large, yellow envelope. Please review, sign, date and return the envelope and papers; I must keep all student papers for my files. If I have made an error in correcting any papers, tear out the paper and attach it to the FRONT of your child's envelope. This way I will be sure to see the error and correct any mistakes I have made.

      Good discipline is an essential element of successful learning in the classroom. The students are asked to exhibit behavior that is both considerate of their classmates and teachers as well as conducive to learning.

Our class rules are:
1. Be courteous to your schoolmates and all adults.
2. Always do your BEST work.
3. Bring all supplies every day.
4. Keep your area neat.
5. Respect the property of others.
     Conduct grades are earned by the student's ability to follow these rules. (I do not expect any conduct problems with my students since second graders are always so well behaved.) I use a chart with five colored pencils to keep the students aware of their weekly conduct grade. If the student's pencil has to be flipped in a certain direction, that student's grade will either be raised or lowered. The grades are as follows:

Yellow pencil pointed up = A+
Yellow pencil pointed down = A-
Green pencil pointed up = B+
Green pencil pointed down = B-
Blue pencil pointed up = C+
Blue pencil pointed down = C- (A note is sent at this time.)
Purple pencil pointed up = D+
Purple pencil pointed down = D- (A phone call is made.)
Red pencil pointed up = F+
Red pencil pointed down = F-

I promise to keep you informed of how wonderful your child is.

     Again, I look forward to working with you to make sure your child gets the best education possible. I ask for your total support in my efforts to create responsible, hard working and happy students.
                                              Mrs. N. Askew
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