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Hello, and welcome to "NASHVILLE!"
We have a very exciting and fun filled year ahead of us. I have created TWO WEBSITES for classroom use. The purpose of this website (quia) is to inform you of weekly curriculum assignment s and upcoming classwork. You will find many activities, articles, learning games and much more listed under QUIA ACTIVITES, and USEFUL LINKS. Your c hildren will learn how to access and navigate this site as we work on various learning activities which will support district Currriculum Standards.

My Myschoolonline Website showcases many collaborative and noncollaborative internet projects that students have and will work on. Access this site as soon as possible. This will give you a glimpse of NASHVILLE. You will also find tons of resources and tips for parents if you access the BACK TO SCHOOL and CURRICULUM links that are on the site. You can immediatley access Our Myschoolonline Website by scrolling down this page. It is the first link listed under USEFUL LINKS.

I would like to encourage you to check the Quia website weekly for updated information. If there is a need to co ntact me, please call and leave a message in the school office, or email me at

Please access all of the sites listed under "USEFUL LINKS!" There you will find tons of acitvities to support learning.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Online Autumn Hangman
Different Kinds of Apples
Class Project
APPLE BYTES...Where Apples Grow
Class Project
Poppleton Spelling (Week 2) List C
Poppleton Spelling List C (Week 2)
Poppleton Spelling (Week 2) List A B
Furry Mouse/Two Mice Spelling
Furry Mouse/Two Mice Spelling
Spelling List: Story 2.1 Week 2 List "C"
Spelling: Story 2.1 Week 2 List "R"
Spelling U2.3.2 List C#2
Spelling U2.3.2 List C
Spelling U2.3.2 List R
Spelling U2.3.2 List R#2
5 Notable Inventors Quiz
Matzeliger Vocabulary quiz
McCoy Vocabulary Quiz
Poppleton-Finding the SUBJECT
Useful links
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