asstprincipal Mrs. Geffert
Pine Forest Elementary  
We have decided to discontinue our Tuesday evening open library times.  We did have a few regular families, but the response was not such that we felt we could continue to keep it open. We hope that you will continue to read with your child every night.  Kids need lots of practice with their reading and it's also a great way to show your interest in their learning.  
    As your Assistant Principal I do have some concerns about some of our students and responsibility.  We do have documents that come home every Thursday in the Thursday folder.  That folder is our way of communicating with you.  The folder should have a behavior sheet and work that your child has completed.  That folder needs to be signed by an adult every Thursday and returned to school on Friday.  A signed folder means that you have seen the contents.  If your child does not bring home or return his/her folder, please help your child to do this.  Some children do need extra help learning to be responsible.
    Congratulations to our fifth grade students on their DARE graduation.  We are proud of you!!!!!!!
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