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Directions: You are to write a short paper, on Asteroids, using the following questions to guide you.  This is not a major research project.  It should be done in one class period.  DO NOT cut and paste as this will constitute cheating!!  You should write this as an essay explaining and answering the questions that follow.  There are lots of articles on Eros so you may have to search the internet for them. The first thing you should do is view the "Keeping an Eye on Space Objects". This can be found at the last website, go to bottom of the page. Viewing this 10 to 15 animation, will help you answer almost all the questions.
  1. What is the fundamental difference between an asteroid and a comet, explain?
  2. On the NEO website and on the NASA NEO site-- what new objects have been observed?
  3. What is NEO? and who tracks them
  4. Why is it important to study NEO's
  5. How is a shooting star different than a comet or asteroid?
  6. Where do asteroids and comets come from?
  7. What is the asteroid belt? and where is it?
  8. What is Eros?  What are we using to study this?  How big is it and why is this special?
  9. Have there been any close calls with Asteroids in the last 25 years.  You may have to search this one. What was the most recent and how big was it?(hint it was very recent!!) Use the NASA NEO site here.
  10. What is Shoemaker-Levy? Who discovered it and what happened to it?  Look for video imagery of this.  To help you better explain this.
  11. What recently landed on Eros and What has it found?
  12. What is meteor crater? Where is it and why is it important?
  13. Who was Gene Shoemaker and why was he important?
  14. If a NEO is detected what things can done to move it away from threatening earth.
  15. Using the last website, what was the mission of Stardust and what has it done recently?
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