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Garcia Middle School
Welcome to my own little slice of the internet pie. Astronomy is the topic for the six weeks, so everything you see on this page is astronomy related. Next six weeks I will try to have a chemistry page set up. Use the games and practice quizzes on this page to prepare yourself for the astronomy test in a couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Mr. Abell

p.s.- For now, if you would like to e-mail me, do so by clicking on the link for the Garcia web page and you can find my e-mail address under the Faculty and Staff section at the bottom (Scroll down to 8th grade teachers once you click on Faculty and Staff.)
My Quia activities and quizzes
Astronomy Scavenger Hunt
This was done in class, but you can try to fill in as many blanks as possible by memory this time.
Astronomy Terms
This page has several games to choose from. The flash cards are a good way to review the terms for the test. Matching is good practice for the matching portion on the test, concentration will definetely work on your memory skills, and the word search is too easy!
Astronomy Hangman
Exactly what the name implies-better know your stuff.
Astronomy Quiz 1
Good practice quiz. There are 30 total questions, but only 10 random questions appear each time you take the quiz.
Astronomy Challenge
Challenge your friends to the astronomy version of Jeopardy!
Useful links
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