asweb1 Mrs. Stokes
Oakwood Windsor Elementary

Welcome First Graders!

This year will be packed with new learning activities! I hope you will have fun and will want to come to school everyday.

You will need the following supplies for the year:

*5 plain pocket folders
*2 glue sticks
*1 pair of scissors
*small pencil box
*4 spiral notebooks-wide ruled
*2 bottles of waterless antibacterial gel or a
box of baby wipes
*1 pack of paper cups(5 ounce)
*1 box of ziploc bags(quart size)
*1 box of ziploc bags(snack or sandwich size)
*1 package of index cards
*2 boxes of tissues
*1 bag of candy

These rules will help you get along and live with the other
classmates in this classroom. We will be family for the time we are together this year.
1. Begin your day with 2 sharpened pencils.
2. Do what your teacher asks you to do when you
are asked.
3. Raise your hand for help or to speak.
4. Work in your assigned space when you are
supposed to work.
5. Thank you for not bothering or hurting
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