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Robert E. Lee High I enjoy reading, writing, hanging with friends, talking on the phone, singing, music, playing instruments,anything and everything fun I like to do especially SHOPPING!!!!!! To descibe myself I have: dirtyblonde hair with curls past the shoulders, soft bab
Schools in and I like it I can't believe I'm in High School already it seems like just yesterday I was learning how to spell and read and time's gone by so fast.

      In my free time I get online and chat with all my friends. I am currently writing poetry and drawing, which is really fun, I have something to write or draw about everyday, it truly expresses my true inner feelings. At the moment I am permently grounded until I'm 18 and unable to do things like I use to as far as privleges.
My favorite things:
Color: baby blue, white and black
Restaurant: Gavids, Mcdonalds, Brother’s Pizza
Food: carrots, beets
Drink: milk, water, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Grape soda
Ice Cream: cookie dough or bubble gum, death by chocolate
Candy Bar: 3 Musketeers
Gum:Bubble Yum (watermelon)
Store: Booksamillion, Claire’s, afterthoughts, Spencer’s, JcPenny's, Fashion Bug
Music: a little bit of everything
CD: Creed ~ Human Clay
Radio Station: 100.7, 89.3, 106.3 (all fm)
Actor: Hugh Grant, Leonardo Dicaprio
Actress: Julia Roberts
Movie: Romeo + Juliet, Titanic
TV Show: Beverly Hills 90210, undressed
Book: Daughters of Silence any books by R.L. Stine, and all books by Shel Silverstein
Sport: swimming, soccor, basketball, baseball, football
Baseball Team: Baltimore Orioles
Hobbies:anything to do w/ music, hanging w/ friends, swimming, writing poetry, horseback riding, talking on the phone and sufing and chatting with friends on the net
Religion: Non~denomination  
Birth date: 10/22/85
School Mascot:Robert E Lee on a horse
School Color: blue, grey, white
College: University of Maryland and James Madison University
Quote: " You can do anything if you put your mind to it; just believe in yourself"
Friends:Amanda, Wesley, Vivek, Sebastien, Michael, Michiel, Elaine, Lori, Catina, Amin, Moin, Tanveer, Allan, Kenneth, J.C., Karen Herndon(sister), Michael Herndon(brother), Yogesh, Fancisco, Scott, Jessica, Sarah, Chris, Patricia Herndon, Yogesh, Luke,Jeremy Hinkle, etc................just to name a few out of a whole lot.
Animal: snowleopard
Holiday: Valentine's Day
Season: toss up between all of them they all have something special about them I like
Summer Activity: swimming, camping, getting a tan, basicly just being outside with the birds, bee's, and flowers
Winter Activity: sledding, snowball fights, building a snow man
Memory: all the good ones
What You Like About The Opposite $ex: tall, light hair & blue
eyes (doesn't have to be), sorta athletic, funny, sweet, sexy voice, muscular, but not too muscular, intelligent,loveable, gentle, and most important being himself.
Best Guy Friend: Wesley, Luke
Best Girl Friends: Lori L., Elaine C., Catina H.
Best Quality In A Friend: someone you can trust and listens to you
Funniest Person You Know: Ricky Rankin, Chris
Nicest Person You Know: all of my friends and family
The Person You Trust Most: myself, Luke, Wesley Bentley
Who You Tell All Your Secrets To: Wesley
The Person You Go To For Advice: Jean Coffey, Michael Hurd, Wesley Bentley
Who You Like To Hang Out With: all my friends and my boyfriend
The Person That Knows You The Best: myself, and my parents
The Person You Admire Most: anyone who is willing to be a good friend and being themselves and my boyfriend
A Little More Personal...
How Many Kids Do You Want: at least 5
Girl Names: Amanda, Leann, Elizabeth
Boy Names: Michael, Christopher, Jacob, Patrick, Phillip
The Most Romantic Thing Someone has ever done for you: Bringing me roses for no reason other then he loved me.
The Best Time Of Your Life: meeting my friends, and meeting my boyfriend

What You Want As Your Profession: Music teacher, and various other things
Your Best Talent: not giving up, and anything having to do with music
The Song That Best Describes You: "show me the meaning of being lonely" and "Amazed" "With arms wide open"
The Thing That You're Picked On Most About: being quiet, and being so organized and making straight "A’s" all the time in school and for being so shy around new people I meet
Describe Yourself In 5 Words Or Less: I'm not perfect nobody is
Most Want To Be Remembered For: having a kind word for everyone and having a sweet heart
My Worst Habit Is: being quiet when i shouldn't be and shy
The Thing I Do Best Is: make people smile
I Love: Music (play and instrument) and being in a friendship and a relationship
I Hate: people saying they have a secret, but won't tell what it is and saying nothing nevermind
Sometimes I Feel: very alone and trapped
I Regret: going out with Chad Wymer. What a scrub!!
I Wish: I wish that my bestest friend was here with me but I know that will never happen because her mother killed her
I Believe That: friendship is the coolest
I Always: am too quiet and too shy and afraid to say something for I'm going to say it wrong and somebody's feelings will get hurt, I always keep anger bottled up inside me because I have no one to talk to
I Never: want not to be able to have friends and I never want to let my friends down
I Can Barely: play any sports because when I was in 6th grade I broke my growth plate in my ankle and I had to have surgry they put a pin and screw in my ankle
What Makes Me Most Jealous Is: when my sister gets all the cash or anything she wants out of my parents and I don't get anything except for yelling and fighting
The Person I Talk About Most Is: everyone around me and my friends I met on the net
The Best Memory I Have Of Me And My Friends Is: having fun, laughing, and chatting with them and sharing a part of me with them
If I Could Meet Anyone In The World, I Would Meet: all my friends I met on the net, and or my future husband
The Foreign Language I Speak Is: a little french, a little spanish, a little german, and a little swedish
The Thing That Made Me Cry Is: losing a friend,and getting my heart broken
The Thing That Made Me Smile Is: Thinking that my bestest friend Amanda was in a happy place called heaven flying among the angels
The Thing That Made Me Laugh Is: when I was little and I went horseback riding for the first time the person who saddled up the horse didn't put the saddle on tight enough and I ended up riding the horse on his belly because little by little I would slide to the side and then I coudn't slide no further but to its belly
I Think The Best Age To Get Married Is: 18-23
What do you want most out of life? find someone I'm in love with I wouldn't know what to do without him, and be happy with what I've done and the decisions I've made and learn from my mistakes
The sweetist thing a perosn has said to me: " I Love you" and "You have a great ass"
Other family meembers: my brother Michael Herndon, and there is one more but I don't know his name, my sisters, Jennifer Gienger, Karen Herndon, and there are 3 others I have never met before in my life and I don't know there names either. There could be more but I don't know about them, yet that is. And than there are my parent's Chris, and Lynn Gienger.
Do You Smoke?: NO!! ;-)
Do You Drink?: no
I don't do drugs either
Latest news in my life at the moment: I'm in love!
If you have any questions  or any comments you can email me at these addresses,
Thanks for taking your time to come to my site!
And always remember keep the faith!
0-: o ) a sweet angel to guide the way
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