atonement Mr. Schafer
Atonement Lutheran School Principal

February 14, 2002

Atonement Lutheran School
4224 West Ruby Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53209
God bless America!

Who sings this Sunday, Feb. 17th? Choristers sing during the 8:15 AM service and grades 5 & 6 sing in the 10:45 AM service.  Please note that this Sunday both services will be held in the school gymnasium to coincide with the Building Fund Recommitment. 

A school open house will follow the gym services to allow you time to walk through the school and view some of the things our children are doing here at Atonement.  We hope to see all of you this Sunday.

Grades 3 & 4 sing during next Wednesday's Lenten Vesper at 7:00 PM.  Mid-week Lenten services help us prepare our hearts and minds for Jesus' walk through Holy Week and Easter.

2002 - 2003 School Enrollment
Atonement Lutheran School's enrollment period runs March 6th - 20th.

What is the center of the Atonement Lutheran School spiritual partnership between the home, the school and the church?  Regular worship attendance brings all that we teach into focus.  For this reason God includes regular worship as one of the Ten Commandments and emphasizes it as a priority in our Christian lives.  The application of this principle is a part of preparing for enrollment.  As the school board reviews enrollment requests from new families, they study the worship patterns of present families.  Two grades are at the class size limit of 26.  One factor which will be strongly considered in determining enrollment is worship attendance.  Please be aware of this issue as we fast approach the enrollment period of March 6 - 20.

The Milwaukee Parental School Choice enrollment for Atonement is March 1st - 20th.  All new families must meet with Principal Schafer.

5K Roundup Registration
The 5K Roundup meeting is March 6th, 2002.  Invitations have been mailed to Atonement members with 4K children.  Non-member parents of 4K children who are interested in enrolling their child for Atonement's 5K program must schedule a meeting with Principal Schafer before a Roundup invitation in extended.  You should meet with Mr. Schafer before February 28th to receive an invitation for 5K enrollment.

Non-member 4K parents are reminded to return the "Parent Interest Form" to Mr. Schafer ASAP in order to receive an invitation to the 5K Roundup.

Atonement's Early Childhood Center and 4K programs are currently accepting registration for the 2002 - 2003 school year.  Spots fill up quickly so register early.  You may contact Jennie Marie Schleiden with ECC questions at #445-1011 or Sharon Schafer with 4K questions at #871-1224.   

Thursday is Mission Day

This quarter's mission money will go to the Apacheland mission in Arizona.  The children have collected over $130 so far!  Please remember to give generously every Thursday and continue to pray for all our mission fields.  Every penny counts!

Sporting News

The boys' A, B1 and C basketball teams play their last home games tomorrow at 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30 PM.  Concessions will be available throughout the evening. 

The Atonement C team captured the first place basketball trophy from our own C team tournament held here last weekend.  The boys played well and we thank them for a great season.  Congratulations!

The WLHS Grade School Basketball Tournament begins next week for our A team.  In observance of this tournament, next week is deemed "Spirit Week."  Many fun and exciting things are planned for the students each day. 
Monday:  Crazy Hat & Make-up Day
Tuesday: USA - Red, White & Blue Day
Wednesday:  Twin Day
Thur.: Pep Rally in the afternoon
Green, White & Gold Day
$.25 Cheerleader Cupcake Sale
Friday:  Famous People Day

Cheerleader Cupcake Sale - Yummy!

During the noon hour on Thursday, Feb. 21st, the cheerleaders will be selling cupcakes to the students for a mere $.25!  All money raised from the cupcake sale will help us purchase new (not used)J uniforms for our ladies.  Bring your quarters and buy a cupcake or two to show your support of our Wildcat cheerleaders.  Heidi, Chris and the girls thank you in advance!

All girls in 5K - 8th grade have received a registration form for the WLHS Pom Pon Camp to be held at Wisco on March 2nd & 3rd.  The registration form and money must be mailed to WLHS by February 22nd as noted on the letter. Extra forms are available in the office.

Campbell's Soup Labels For Education and General Mills Box Tops For Education are still being collected and counted by the school.  We will turn them in for educational and athletic items at the end of the year.

The second annual Atonement Lutheran School Grandparents' Luncheon will be held in the gym on Wednesday, March 20th at 11:30 AM.  The oldest child from every school family should bring home a packet containing a letter stapled to two reservation forms.  We would like to recognize the many contributions made by grandparents and significant seniors in the lives of our children.  Students may invite up to four grandparents for the event.  The reservation form must be turned in by March 13th to allow us plenty of time to plan and purchase food.
We will need parents to help plan, prepare and serve the lunch.  If you can help, please let Mr. Schafer know.
We look forward to another fun and successful luncheon.

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