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     There is yet another new version of Flashcard!!! This refines some of the code, and also encrypts the files. If you have any files you made previously let me now. To get the update use the autoupdate feature after you download version 1.2.

     The newest version of Flashcard is now available. This version fixes some minor bugs and adds an autoupdate feature. Check it out below

     I have found out that some people were having problems with the Flashcard download. I uploaded version 1.1.1. This should work. As always, if you have any problems, let me know.

     Version 1.1 of Flashcard is out! The following changes have been made:
     -Some internal coding changes
     -Added Print feature to program
     -Helpfile now opens from Editor
     -The editor can now open files
     The link is at the bottom of the page. Those of you who do not have version 1.0, must download both. ONCE YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THE UPDATE, RUN IT AND TYPE IN YOUR FLASHCARD DIRECTORY. Once again, if you have any problems feel free to e-mail me.

     I have uploaded Flashcard version 1.0. You are free to download it at the bottom of the page. After you install it, READ THE HELP FILE!. If you have trouble, let me know.

    Just got back from the NAQT Tourney. Two sophmores and a junior (for four rounds) didn't fair too well... ah well. I really should update this more often. Ideas? Suggestions? Comments? Rants or Raves? E-Mail Me.
    I have just added the first half of the Nobel Prizes in chemistry. I will add the rest at a later time. On April fourteenth, there will be an ALL OR NOTHING quiz on the elements. Barry expects all science people to make a 100. Anyone who doesn't ace it will have to face the wrath of Barry and Frau! (scary) I suggest you study...

    This quiz on the elements will be on Wednesday, March 29 in C31. It will be over the atomic names, numbers, and symbols, as well as name derivations. You will be expected to the answers fairly quickly. Ask Fillmore if you have any questions.
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