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Sydney Olympics 2000

This is a cross-curricular project involving library skills, math, computer technology, business, science, English, and social studies.  You will be working on a portion of the project in each of your classes.  You will need to get specific instructions from each of your teachers:  
  • Ms. Sneary
  • Dr. Rooker
  • Mrs. Reed
  • Ms. Mann
  • Mrs. Liston
  • Mrs. Derryberry

Mrs. Derryberry will present the specifics of the project on October 1st. The criteria required by all teachers will be on their individual web pages under the heading Special Project. You and the members of your group will present your group's final presentation at Outback Steakhouse on October 29. All teachers and students involved will attend.

You will be researching the Sydney Olympics 2000 using TrackStar. You will access the sites and complete the activities listed on the Track for this unit. Navigate to the Sydney Olympics 2000 Track using the link or URL listed below.

Try out the newChallenge Board game for this unit from the Quia! activities listed. Each group will also create a Quia! game of their choice and e-mail it to all instructors. Your game is due October 15. Once completed, all games will be linked to the Project Home Page.

Each group will be required to send a progress update via e-mail to all instructors every Friday.  You have our e-mail addresses.  This will be required to receive your weekly grade.

G'day, mates. See you Down Under.
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Sydney Olympic Games 2000
Play this Challenge Board Game to see how much you have learned about Sydney, Olympics, and Australia.
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