auto bri
I like sports and just to have fun.  I like to read books on mystery books and I really like to read sci-fi books and movies.  My friend Tyler and must have gone to 3 movies a week during the summer.  We would go to just about any movie we could just to get out of the hot summer sun.  I like to learn about thing that requires a lot of thinking, because the easy things are just not fun and I get board of them very fast.  My favorite subjects are Math, Science, and history English would be one of those but I can’t spell very well at all.
The thing that I care the most about in the whole world is my family, because they are always there for me.  Without my family I would be no where in life.  My mom always tells me that I have a big temper, but a bigger heart.  I get made easy but I also forgive very fast.  I think that my emotions are very similar to those of my dad’s.  I think that I am optimistic with nature, I like to go on hikes with my family and do lots of things outside rather than inside.  If I had my way there would be classrooms outside. 
I like most other people have many dreams.  One of them is that I am a pro. Paintball player and that I can travel the world playing Paintball.  Another one is that I become rich and marry a very hot chick. Of course that will never happen, because that is everyone’s dream.
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