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     The National HIghway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) began an investigation on Brigestone Firestone tires in May of 2000.  On August 9 2000 NHTSA demanded a recall on Firestone tires.  Firestone was to replace 6.5 million tires, models P235/7515 and P255/70R16 Wilderness AT tires produced before May of 1998.  Expected cost of recall was 30 million for Firestone, 1 million for Bridgestone, and 3 million for Ford.  700 injuries caused by defective tires and 271 deaths.
     Based in Nashville, Tennessee Bridgestone/Firestone is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, the world's largest tire and rubber company that manufactures Bridgestone, Firestone, Dayton, and other house brand tires.                  The defective tires were being made in a factory in Decatur, Illinoise.  On July 27, 2001 Firstone announced the potential closure of the factory.  THe employees have until December 31, 2001 to find other jobs.  The plant is being closed due to economic downturn and decreasing demand for the tires.
     The recall applies to Ford Explorers, Mercury Mountaineers, Ford Rangers, and Mazda Navajo models between 1995-1998.  The recall is due to tire tread seperation causing driver to lose control of the vechicle. Tread seperation was not the only factor that lead to the recall, low tire pressure was also played a part in causing the recall.  The tire pressure which was at 26 pounds, is now 30 pounds.
     John T. Lampe, chairman and CEO Firestone states, "We do not agree with NHTSA's findings.  Our testing and science show our tires perform extremely well.  However, we have decide that it is in the best interest of our company, our employees, our dealers and  our costumers if we replace the limited number of tires in question and close this chapter in the company's history."  Firestone is to fund "replacement program" for all defective tires.
     NHTSA finished it's 17 month investigation on October 4, 2001 and proposed another recall of 7 million more tires.  Negotiations for the second recall began in July of 2001.  NHTSA found Firestone to be responsible for 3.5 million tires.  Since the inital recall 50 more juries have occured involving tread seperation of Firestone tires, and 25 more deaths.  Along with the NHTSA investigation Ford, Firestone, and Bridgestone are all facing personal law suits.
     The second recall has caused a break-up of the two companies Bridgestone and Firestone.  An automotive relationship that have been together since 1942 when they made tanks for World War II.  The second recall had little effect on Ford who had already recalled 6 million tires. 
     Only 768,000 Firestone tires that should be replaced remain on the road. If you have a Ford Explorer, Mercury Mountaineer, Ford Ranger, or a Mazda Navajo with Bridgestone/Firestone tires models P235/7515 and P255/70R16 Wilderness AT, Firestone will replace all models made before 1998.  Replacement tires are free if they are Firestone tires, for any other brands replacement tires cost 100 dollars.  For more informaiton call 1-800-336-8086.
    Firestone Chairman, John T. Lampe explains in a press confrence that Firestone will recover and Firestone is doing everything in their power to fix the problem, customer satisfaction is number one.  Firestone has fixed the problem and all Firestone tires produced  after 1998 are not defected and have had no problems besides those of any other cars.

It's your life and your decisions.  Accidential pregnancy is  cause for abortion.  If you can't handle a child and your not ready for one, but you accidentially get pregnant, there needs to be a way out.  Adoption brings up problems future, for the child and the mother.  Abortion is a solution that doesn't hurt anyone, the child is not actually living till it takes it's first breathe, until then it is apart of your body.  I do believe that if you plan on getting an abortion you should do it as early on into the pregnancy as you can.  Abstanence is the best birth control, but people don't live that way.  Condoms, birth control, and diaphrams are also forms of birth control, but sometimes they fail.  If your not emotionally, financially, and ready for a child you shouldn't be having one.  People don't always have sex to procriate, but also as an expression of love.  People who are in love and express it may not be ready for a child, and their birth control methods failed.  Abortion is a good solution to a complex problem.

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