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Ballenger Creek Middle School Language Arts
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Welcome to my Quia (key-ah) Web Site!

Dear Parents and students,

My subscription to the Quia web site will be running out this month. You well be able to find homework, class information, as well as heads up on up-and-coming projects on my FCPS web site. I apologize for any inconvenience; however, I have found it very time-consuming to upkeep two web sites.

Thank you for your understanding and support!


You will find copies of handouts here, until I can place them on my FCPS web page.


For finishing your Theme BCR:
I'll Walk The Tightrope Poem

BCR Organizer

Sci-Fi Book Review Spec/Grade Sheet

Book Review Organizer


For finishing your Theme BCR:
I Was Born Today Poem

BCR Organizer

Letter to the Librarian Specs and Grade Sheet

Letter to Librarian Organizer


RUBRICS, BCRs, ECRs and LU!!!!!

For BCRs, we are given a reading piece and a question. The BCR helps
us to answer the question and prove it through explicit support (information
we find directlyin the text) and implicit support (conclusions we can draw
from the details within the text). Students are also expected to explain
HOW their examples support their answer to the question. Here is the
organizer we use in class:

BCR Organizer

Here's the ACE-ICE-Connection Rap Song:

ICE ICE Connection Rap

Here is the BCR rubric we use to grade the reading responses:

BCR Reading Response Rubric

For ECRs, we are expected to produce a writing sample, based on lessons
that are taught in class. Most of this work is done in class, but the
final drafts may go home to be typed. If the final is not typed, it should
be written in black or dark blue pen (on only the fronts of papers).
In class we work through the steps of good writing: Brainstorming,
prewriting/organizing, rough draft, sharing, editing, and the final draft.
Don't forget to publish it by turning it into the teacher!

Here is the ECR rubric we use to grade the writing responses:

ECR Writing Response Rubric

When we create a writing piece we also go over key elements of proper
language usage, like grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Here is the
rubric we use to grade Language Usage.

Language Usage Rubric

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