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Sam Rayburn ISD Sixth Grade Spelling
This week we are on Lesson 20, words with Latin Roots soc, loc, and pop.  We will have a spelling test Friday over theses words.  

Also, since students only have spelling twice a week, they will be given assignment sheets at the beginning of each week.  All assignments will be due on Friday.

Social Studies will be taught by Ms. Dickison this semester.  She will also be giving assignment sheets to students which are due on Friday.

Every Friday students will get recess beginning at 2:30.  If they get three behavior marks during the week, they will lose recess. 

Students who do not turn in homework on time or get three behavior marks during the week will not get coke break on Friday. 

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Lesson 20 spelling words
Lesson 20 -Words with Latin roots soc, loc, pop
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