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I am sorry for all of the people who have logged on to find information for their metals project.  The links are now fixed.  Here is a good place to get information.


Go to this school website and click on Links.  Scroll down the links page and you will find a section on webpages called YR6 METALS PROJECT.

Sorry if you have looked here before - it should work now.
Hope this helps.

Mr. Ayling

************************************************************             THIS WEEKS COMPETITION QUESTION

The first person to find me with the answer to this question written down in their homework diary will win a PRIZE!!!  This week, its a bit of a hard question.

If you had a pile of metal made up of stainless steel and steel and it was all mixed up, how would you separate them into two separate piles without using your hands?

Remember, the first person to come to me with the correct answer written in their homework diary will win!!  My decision is final and SPELLING is important.

A new question will be put up on the web site when this one has been answered.


Well done to all of the people who came to me with the correct answer to the last question.  Good effort!!

************************************************************     CANFORD HEATH MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCE CLUB SECTION

A special Science club for Year 7 will start after half term on a Monday after school.  See Mr. Ayling if you would like to join!!  First come, first served.  Maximum of 40 people.

A Science club for pupils in Years 4,5 and 6 will take place Wednesday after school.  Places are very limited so you need to see Mr. Ayling at school if you would like to join.

Well done to Alice, Leanne and Morgan who won the design a bridge competition in Science club last time.  Come on Year 4 and 5, lets beat them at the next challenge!!

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