babygrl420 jill
gljhs i luv kay
guess what my life is like going so good. i hav a great boy and the coolest friends. but their parents think that i'm a bad influence and its driving me crazy. i mean i really dont
care but there my friends & i'm not aloud 2 hang out with them and the kid i use 2 like was so nice 2 me before than i think christine totally said something 2 make him hate me and if she did she did it on purpose and i sware i'll kill her. why do people say they're ur friend and than do such mean things 2 u.  well g2g

i luv eddie and kay and steph and thats pretty much it
remember never smoke never drink and drive and never hav sex with out protection
love sex rockn'roll
speed weed birth control
lifes a b**** until u die
so f*** the world
and lets get high
well luv ya!!!!!!
tommys girl is a monkey
cauze its all about the monkeys
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