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Now it is the ninth hour. Still the immobile carriage is stuck in the ditch. But it bores Sextus to do nothing, for the boy is energetic. 
Therefore suddenly he opens the trunk and runs into the carriage.  At that moment he looks for a ball out of the trunk.
    "Do you want to play with the ball, Marcus?", he shouts. He immediately throws the ball at Marcus. Marcus looks for it and sends it at Sextus. Again and again the boys throw the ball at one and the other. At
that moment Sextus, who always wants to annoy Cornelia, as a prank throws the ball and hits Cornelia.
    Immediately Cornelia is angry and turns to her mother and shouts, "Why does Sextus always annoy me, mother?" "Why does he throw the ball at me?  How annoying the boy Sextus is!"
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