bahasaindonesia Ms Matthews
Maleny SHS Guru Bahasa Indonesia
These activities are to help you revise your work. You will also be able to test your work progress by completing the tests.
My Quia activities and quizzes
This is a matching game.
This is a matching game
This will help you use the language to express wants and needs
Five question quiz.
Multiple choice quiz. You will be scored on this.
Mau ke mana satu
Indonesian Language Quiz. You will be scored.
Five question quiz. : session 8
This quiz is to test your language about wants and needs.
Mau ke mana satu: session satu
This is a quiz about Indonesian language.
Hangman Geografi Indonesia
Put Susi's day in order.
Susi di Bali.
Finding your way to the beach - put in order.
Finding your way to the beach.
Getting a room for the night.
Getting a room for the night.
Restaurant scene.
Restaurant Scene
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