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We are working on the famous trumpet player , Louis Armstrong. Louis Armstrong has affected many people's lives in the 1920's.  Louis Armstrong was a jazz cornet and trumpet player.  Armstrong influenced not only trumpeters but,indirectly nearly all  instrumental and vocal jazz musicians, as well as a wide range of popular music.  He is perhaps best known for helping to pioneer a style known as swing, which later formed the basis for most jazz and rythem-and-blues.  Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans, he grew up in poverty and did not attend school beyond fifth grade.  As a youth Armstrong sang with a group in the streets.  From 1912 to 1914 Louis was in jail for clor Waif's home in New Orleans. While in jail  given a cornet to play and other instuments, at this time Louis dedicated himself to music and made the decision to become a professional musician.  In 1925 Armstrong started  his jazz group called the Hot Fives which was renamed to the Hot Sevens this group sang songs such as Stardust and other great songs.  Armstrong at his peak single handedly transformed jazz music from group art to a soloist art.  During this period the switch from cornet to the trumpet set new standards for trumpeters around the region.  He extended the playable range of his instruments by playing very impressive high notes.  In the 1930's and 40's Armstrong toured Europe more than once, his popularity increased at this time.  Louis was the first black male to appear in an American fiture.  In his life time he appeared in more than 50 motion pictures.  In 1976 a statue was dedicated to him in New Orleans and a park was named in his honor.  He was selected for a Grammy lifetime achivement award, and two hall of fame grammy awards.  Armstrong died in July 1970 he was 70 years old.  The song Hello Dolly entered him into the Gunniess book of records this song knocked the beatles off #1 spot.Louis Armstrong is a great musician and a great person and he will always be remembered in our minds.
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Louis Armstrong
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Louis Armstrong
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