bangerter Mrs. Bangerter
Dodge City High School English 9 Honors
"Class, oh class...wherefore art thou lazy?
Deny thy ennui and refuse the slacking!
Study to show thyself approved and
Ace your final on the 21st of May!" 

- paraphrased by Mrs. Bangerter from "Romeo & Juliet" Act II scene ii.

May highlights for Mrs. Bangerter's English Honors class:

May 1 - 4 will be "Romeo & Juliet" with our scorecard and summary packet, plus quizzes over each act as we finish.

May 7 - 11 we will be assembling and reflecting on our portfolio work, writing an English 9 synopsis, and doing our narrative post-writing assessment.  Be thinking of a good story!  This should be something within your recent experience that can be described vividly and has a clear beginning, middle and end.

May 14 - 18 is our week of intense review for this semester's work in English 9.  You will be completing a study guide for our final and reviewing all of your class notes, types of writing, and units of study we've accomplished.  If you know your review packet well, you should ACE the final exam!

May 19 - 20 is your last chance to study for your final exam


May 22 - 25 will be Poetry out Loud, modern "R&J" and vocabulary fun.  Don't worry - there will still be some grades, even after the final exam. :)
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