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Welcome to American history
20th Century United States History
March-June, 2003

March 31: Beyond Books, article 11d, "Finding Yourself," and questions 1-4.
April 2: Charting Concerns of the 70's.
April 4: advertising exercise, Beyond Books article 11e, "The New Right," questions 1-4.
April 8: terrorism; Beyond Books, 11c, "Foreign Woes," questions 1-3; script time.
April 10: quiz, skits.
April 21: Beyond Books, 12a, "Morning in America," questions 1-4.
April 23: Beyond Books, 12b "Reaganomics," questions 1-4. skits
April 25: quiz, Beyond Books, 12d, "Life in the 1980's," and questions 1-4; skits.
April 29: immigration, slang, Beyond Books, 12c, "Foreign and domestic Entanglements," questions 1-4, skits.
May 1: handout on the 1980's and terrorism.
May 5-6: video "4 Little Girls," with handouts.
May 12:
May 13: Beyond Books, 12e, "The End of the Cold War," questions 3 and 4. Explanation of project with chart.
May 15: Beyond Books, 13a, "Operation Desert Storm, q 1-3; project time.
May 19: Beyuond Books, 13b, "A Baby Boomer in the White House," questions 1-4; project time.
May 21-28: "Apollo 13" and final exam review part one.
May 30: Beyond Books, 13c, "Democrats and Republicans," q 1-4. Exam Review part 2. Cartoon interpretation.

Each nine weeks we will have a project assignment and there will be periodic homework assignments. The project for the fourth nine weeks period takes us into the future.  Students will make ten predictions for the future based on what they have learned from history this year. A grading schedule will be provided to the students. The project is due on
May 21.

Late Work Policy Students who miss assignments because of excused absences may make up work. Since all assignements are now posted on this web page, any missed assignment turned in more than one week late will be penalized 20%. Assignments more than two weeks late will lose 30% and work that is more than three weeks late will suffer a 40% penalty. This is in addition to whatever markdowns normally occur.

Shared Work Some group assignments will be given. Students may submit joint paperwork for these. Individual assignments are expected to be similar, but not identical. Identical answers to questions that ask student opinions will be considered as evidence of cheating. No credit can be awarded for duplicate assignments. Referrals will be made if cheating is suspected.   

Extra Credit Extra credit points will be awarded to any student who brings proof of visitation to these historic sites.
Black  History Museum
Maggie L. Walker National  Historic Site
Marine Raider Museum
Holocaust Museum
National Museum of American History.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Hang Franklin Roosevelt
Concentrate on World War II
Find the Hidden Cold War
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