Kitayama Elementary Third Grade
Welcome to the exciting world of third grade!  I am happy to be your teacher this year.  Check this site for fun ways to support your learning.

Do you know our Kitayama Songs?

Kitayama’s number one
Students, Teachers, all have fun
Our Spirit you’ll hear it
all day and all night
We strive for to learn more
with all of our might (4x)
At Kitayama we all say all together everyday
We’re the best in every way Kitayama’s #1
Go Bears ! (3x)

Three cheers for the Kitayama Bears
we’re nice and kind ‘cause we care
if one needs our help we’ll be there
and we always remember to share
we study with our buddies everyday
and we have lots of fun when we play
when it comes to learning we can say
we’re number one
we’re having fun
at Kitayama !
Hey !!!

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