barton3 Mrs. Barton
Lakehoma Elementary School third grade teacher
           Hello!  Welcome to Mrs. Barton's page.

This week we are learning about:

Spelling - short u, lesson 10

mother         Monday        Sunday
front            such             does
month          summer
money          much           endangered
from             lunch           extinct
other            sun               fossil
nothing         under            recycle

English - singular and plural nouns

Reading - "Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain"

Math - writing fraction number sentences that equal one
       measuring to the nearest cm
       addding multiples of 10
       subtraction with and without regrouping

Science - chapter 4, Changing Environments

Social Studies - Kenya

Handwriting - cursive "q" and "g"

* Please work on subtraction facts!
* don't forget to read 15 minutes 4 times each week
* Please check the everyday folder every day!

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