bashaw4 Mrs. L
Bashaw School
September 19,2001

We have had a another great week in grade four.

In Science we went into more detail about NATURAL WASTE and the four different types of decompsers.  We have reviewed our notes and discussed what animals, plants and decomposers do. Finally we went on a walk to identify natural waste and the various examples of fungi, lichen, insects, worms and other decomposers.  Next week we will look at composting and how we can use it to reduce waste.
  In Social we worked on location of the rivers and lakes in Alberta and we studies why water is importnt to life in our province.  We will have a quiz on Friday  that will require them to label the  major lakes and rivers of Alberta.  Next week we will look at the landforms of Alberta and we will begin to look at how to research facts.
  Finally please sign your childs' agenda every day.

Have a good week.
Mrs. L

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