The following areas will:
  • Review the
  • Review the
  • Complete the 25 question multiple choice dysrhythmia competency test

  • SJH and SJE

    ED RNs
    Kid Traxx (SJE)
    Critical Care RNs
    RNs in areas or departments with telemetry
    Telemetry SWANS/CVTs
    Heart Institute RNs
    Heart Institute RT(R)s, CVTs and RCIS
    Endocopy RNs
    Diagnostic Radiology/Special Procedure RNs
    PRNU RNs
    Outpatient Surgery RNs


    ED RNs
    Critical Care RNs
    Telemetry RNs
    Outpatient Surgery
    Other CHI Hospitals
    Per direction of nursing leadership team

    Successful completion of the test requires a score of 84% or greater. The test should be completed with no prompting or assistance from peers or colleagues. A score of less than 84% will require further review of the dysrhythmia interpretation review module and practice section. Successful completion of the dysrhythmia competency test should be completed by June 30th.

    Patty. Sturt, Jan Hovekamp, and Margaret Kramer will be glad to meet with staff at Saint Joseph Hospital and Saint Joseph East for additional dysrhythmia interpretation practice and education review if needed. Trena Stocker will be glad to meet with staff at Saint Joseph Berea for additional dysrhythmia interpretation practice and education if needed.

    1. Locate Basic Dysrhythmia Quiz Under Quia Activities
    2. To Recieve Credit , Please Enter your LAST name, FIRST name as it appears on Hospital Name Badge; DEPARTMENT; and CAMPUS
    (Example: Doe, Jane; 4A; SJW)

    Remember to hit submit after completing Quiz.
    Once you have started the quiz, you must finish. It will not save and let you come back later.
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