Basic English 1st Quarter
Yukon-Koyukuk School District Basic English Instructor
My Quia activities and quizzes
BasEng, 01-01 "What Is a Sentence?"
BasEng, 01-02 "Beginning and Ending a Sentence"
BasEng, 01-03 "The Subject and the Predicate"
BasEng, 01-04 "The Purpose of a Sentence"
BasEng, 01-05WTFI "Chapter 1 Where to Find It, Dictionary"
BasEng, 01-06WP "Writing Project Page 21"
BasEng, 01-07 TEST "Writing Sentences"
BasEng, 02-01 "What Is a Noun"
BasEng, 02-02 "Common and Proper Nouns"
BasEng, 02-03 "Abstract and Concrete Nouns"
BasEng, 02-04 "Singular and Plural Nouns"
BasEng, 02-05 "More About Plural Nouns"
BasEng, 02-06 "Possessive Nouns"
BasEng, 02-07 "A Noun Can Be a Title"
BasEng, 02-08 WTFI "Library Catalog"
BasEng, 02-09 WP "Writing Project"
BasEng, 02-10 TEST "Using Nouns in Sentences"
BasEng, 03-01 "What Is a Pronoun"
BasEng, 03-02 "Personal Pronouns"
BasEng, 03-03 "Relative Pronouns"
BasEng, 03-04 "Pronouns That Ask Questions"
BasEng, 03-05 "Demonstrative Pronouns"
BasEng, 03-06 "Indefinite Pronouns"
BasEng, 03-07 "Contractions"
BasEng, 03-08 WTFI "Book of Quotations"
BasEng, 03-09 WP "Using What You Know About Antecedents"
BasEng, 03-10 TEST "Using Pronouns in Sentences"
BasEng, 04-01 "What is an Adjective?"
BasEng, 04-02 "Articles - a, an, the"
BasEng, 04-03 "Proper Adjectives"
BasEng, 04-04 "Common Nouns as Adjectives"
BasEng, 04-05 "Possessive Nouns and Pronouns as Adjectives"
BasEng, 04-06 "Numbers as Adjectives"
BasEng, 04-07 "Demonstrative Adjectives"
BasEng, 04-08 "Using Adjectives to Make Comparisons"
BasEng, 04-09 WTFI "Thesaurus"
BasEng, 04-10 WP "Using Adjectives to Compare and Contrast"
BasEng, 04-11 TEST "Using Adjectives in Sentences"
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